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  • Brittany Adams

RE Marketing Corp introduces Instagram cross-posting for their Social Media Marketing Campaigns.

RE Marketing Corp Offers Social Media Marketing for Cross Postings between Facebook and Instagram.

A benefit for the user of Facebook is that you have the ability to cross post between platforms with Instagram. There are many details, tricks, and tips to go over regarding this process. RE Marketing Corp has added this service complimentary to customers using its Facebook Marketing Campaigns.

The platforms have similarities but are different. Instagram is a online photo-sharing social media platform and application, whereas Facebook is a social media platform where users can share different types of information and posts with other users. While it may sound similar there are key features that allow agents to utilize the platforms in different ways.

Not everything shared on Facebook should be shared on Instagram. Cross-posting everything on Facebook and Instagram runs the risk of making your brand appear careless and unintentional, particularly when the content being posted is not appropriate or relevant for its intended audience.

Among recommendations for cross posting between platforms are Listings, Open Houses, recently sold properties, new client reviews, and typically all custom graphic design work done according with the agent's brand. The posting schedule is usually more often on Facebook. A survey of 2,500 clients showed that a brand posting 5 times a week on Facebook should typically be 2-3 times a week on Instagram.

"Allow Instagram to work as a force multiplier for your social media. There may be an audience on Instagram that you are not reaching on Facebook and vice versa. Ultimately by cross-posting you are sure to reach a broader audience. When you mix in the right engaging content that is when we start to see an agent's page work for them." (Andrew Miller, GM).

While Facebook makes it relatively easy to cross post, there are still considerations to be made. RE Marketing Corp makes it easy for Real Estate Agents to reach a broader audience by utilizing the data for thousands of agents to put out the right posts at the right time.

RE Marketing Corp


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