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Social Media Tips and Advice for Real Estate Agents

RE Marketing Corp has served over 5,000 Realtors in the US and Canada and is sharing some of the most important advice for Real Estate agents both new to and experienced with Social Media.

As a Real Estate Agent it is important to keep in mind that you are the brand. As much as Coldwell Banker, Remax, EXP Realty, Keller William, etc. are the brands in which you are under, the potential buyers and sellers see you as the representation. This is very important to keep in mind when it comes to your social media. You may be used to using Facebook to share pictures of family and friends as well as a way to stay in touch. Real Estate Agents now need to at it as a tool at your disposal to help your career. The type of content you post and how you monitor the account will change by utilizing it in this manner. The quality of imagery and professionalism of graphics will become your individual branding for the world to see. There are a few key points to keep in mind when venturing onto Facebook and social media as a Realtor.

"Business Facebook Page of a Realtor"

Knowing the difference between a business Facebook page and a personal page is crucial to understand when it comes to Real Estate. In fact if you utilize your personal Facebook page soley for business purposes you will be banned from the platform! So creating a business page is step number one for Realtors on Facebook. Linking this page to a business Instagram is important too as you will have the ability to cross post and reach a wider audience. Importantly a business page gives you quantification on many key indicators of a page's success. Engagement, clicks, and searches are easy to track on the business

pages. This allows the user to see if the page is getting better, worse, or even producing results at all. If you use a personal page you lose access to all of this information. You cannot create a business page without having a personal page first so remember that you will not be losing that side of social media, just gaining a secondary page. In fact one of the first steps of creating the business page is inviting the personal contacts you choose to follow your page so it can get it's first viewership on it's way to expansion. Once they land on the page it is important that they stay there, interact, and are attracted to what they see on the page as much as they would be to the agent and what they say in real life.

Facebook Cover Photo

A second step for the page is creating professional graphic images that are fitting to the spaces that the business page provides. On top of the page is what Facebook calls the cover photo. Real Estate Agents have to recognize this area of the page as prime real estate. The agent has to have the correct information there and have it looking attractive, clean, and modern. RE Marketing Corp recommends treating it like a business card. Your face is already covered by the profile picture so on here should go something like your agency logo, contact information, and real estate imagery. People have a tendency to be lazy and not scroll down! Put everything important right at the top in the places Facebook provides so they don't have the scroll around looking for it. Once the basics of the pages are set up with attention to detail, it is time to start creating content!

"Listing Flyer"

No content is more important on a Realtor's social media than their Real Estate Activity. Listings, open houses, pending, recently sold, etc. should all be showcased using digital flyers, videos, or other high quality formats. When a person lands on an agent's page they must see that they have experience in buying or selling in that agent's target area matching the prospects home or desired new home. If the agent in question's social media is blank or filled with non Real Estate Activity how should the prospect know that the agent is experienced enough or even active? If you do not have any listings that is fine, with permission and credit to the listing agent post office listings! Utilize all available content to make your page as engaging as possible. This is often done with newer agents who haven't yet built a long enough resume to post this type of activity as often as needed.

"Incoming Message On Facebook"

Engagement on pages directly correlates with its position in a Facebook search and also a Google search. On Facebook the more likes, comments, and shares a page receives the better the page is functioning and will receive better placement in search results. Ultimately the goal is for the engagement to lead to messaging on the platform from potential clients. This also relates to the google search. The more clicks the page receives from multiple IP addresses the higher it will come up in a google search. So a well functioning Facebook comes up higher on google ultimately enhancing the agent's online presence.

"Real Estate Facebook Advertisement"

Another key fact about social media is the importance of consistency. It is not enough to create a great page. You must consistently fill it with content on a regular and balanced schedule. Business Facebook pages allow Realtors to create content then schedule it for the future. This is a good way to keep the page up to date without having to login every single day. The content must be engaging and informative. Real Estate related content is what someone is looking for when they follow a Realtors page.

Ultimately Realtors are their own brand and must act accordingly. Social Media in 2022 is more important for agents than ever. With people moving all across the country for new job opportunities, online presence outweighs almost all other forms of advertising. Use these tips and tricks to better your online presence.

For Professional Social Media management for Real Estate Agents in the US and Canada contact RE Marketing Corp!

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