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  • Andrew Miller

This Company has managed over 5,000 Realtors Social Media. Find out what they recommend!

Digital marketing industry leader for Realtors RE Marketing Corp has managed over 5,000 Realtors social media. These agents have utilized them for their socia medial marketing. By making public some ideas and algorithm pleasing tips they are putting Real Estate Agents in a better place with their virtual presence even before getting professional help.

RE Marketing Corp recommends posting all listings, open houses, recently sold properties, etc. Any real estate transaction should be posted on your social media with a combination of video and imagery. It must be clean and modern appearing! This allows customers to really see you are active. It also gives them a chance to interact with you via comments, likes, and messages. If they are looking for an agent on social media it is likely they will want to contact you there first. You want to give them the chance to do that with an expectation that you will respond quickly. By utilizing your transactions you will be able to create a compounding effect introducing you to more opportunities for clients by engagement. If you do not currently have much business it is recommended you share and post listings from your office or team. Of course with proper accreditation to the listing agent. This will give a similar effect to your page!

Another important tip is to not forget to be interactive. Comment, like, share posts that are relevant to you. Perhaps that is local news or trending real estate topics. The algorithm on social media favors pages that are the most active. The more views and engagement your page receives really does matter in the overall presence. Often users forget the overall impact social media plays into their virtual presence. Even the google algorithm is affected because along with this engagement comes views. So the progress you make on your Facebook or Instagram will affect your overall web presence.

Some of these tips really require a sustained effort. Over 5,000 agents have trusted RE Marketing Corp with their social media. This is because of their technical ability and attention to detail. Six and twelve month campaigns are very popular because of the sustained marketing Realtors social media receives. Besides creating unlimited supply of graphic design and video, agents pages are posted on at least every other day to show the interaction the platforms algorithms desire. Hiring the professionals is really the way to go!



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