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Read the Latest Reviews of RE Marketing Corp!

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

RE Marketing Corp receives positive reviews from influential Real Estate Agents & Brokers.

Current customers of RE Marketing Corp gave reviews of the Real Estate Marketing services provided. The reviews highlighted some of the difference makers between RE Marketing Corp and competitors in the industry.

Real Estate Agents and Brokers left reviews on how the service has changed their business model and outlook on social media. Reviews mentioned the customization of content to fit their locality and making their online presence both professional and unique as notable features. A Realtors online presence should fit their personality. It should also be localized enough that the content will appeal to the desired audience. We cannot be advertising palm tree's in Alaska!

Many times Social Media Marketing Companies use a robotic approach and post the same content on 100s of pages. To us that is boring & would obviously never achieve the results you hire professionals for. RE Marketing Corp is different where our customers can scratch build their campaigns exactly into what they want. Right by their side is our team of graphic designers and social media managers who work together to build a marketing program that actually works. Even small details are considered like unique listing graphics and color scheme uniformity for our customer to continue building their brand. This is not a template & cookie cutter approach.

"We get a kick out of seeing really good reviews come in. After a long day of messing with the algorithms on Facebook and Instagram, I like to know what I did helped somebody in their career." (Brittany Adams, Creative Director).

New customers can now see real customer reviews directly from the RE Marketing Corp website. New reviews are posted as received. Click here to see them live.


RE Marketing Corp Reviews

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