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  • Andrew Miller

Why Social Media Is So Important For Real Estate Agents

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

A survey of 1,000 Real Estate Agents Using RE Marketing Corp's advertising campaigns said that new customers are likely to contact them via social media prior to a phone call or text.

Realtors inherently have an online presence by being with an agency and listed publicly. They are going to come up on search engines regardless of if they want to or not. It is up to the agent to shape and mold that online presence so that it is truly a reflection of their personality, business manners, and success.

Facebook & Instagram receive more traffic on a daily basis than a simple real estate website can hope to ever bring. Even the most modern & proactively updated website will often come lower in a search then a even moderately used Facebook. This is because Facebook has 1.93 billion users a day, so the traffic is there already. It simply needs to be directed.

Directing traffic to your page relies on algorithms. On Facebook the more engagement you receive the better your page does. The more likes, comments, shares, followers, button clicks, etc is quantified on the page so you can see your progress. So how does this relate to your online presence?

There are 5.4 billion google searches every day and the algorithm is different then Facebook. The more traffic a web URL receives the higher that site comes up in a search. By utilizing Facebook & Instagram properly you can almost assure it comes up high in the search of your individual business.

"With 77% of Realtors using social media for their business, the competition is real. Agents using a professional team to manage their page have a leg up on the competition." (Brittney Adams, Creative Team Manager at RE Marketing Corp).

As reported on by 'Canadian Real Estate News', RE Marketing Corp is leveling the playing field to help agents make their social media work for them to create new connections and customers.

"A new effort to help the agents, brokers..... who make up the core of the local Real Estate industry. We want to deliver on our promise to each of you, that when you consider using a third party ad tech firm, you know that the solutions they offer are some of the best in class tools to help grow your business via Facebook and Instagram marketing."(Facebook)



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