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  • Brittany Adams

Why EXP Agents Understand RE Marketing Corps Value

EXP Agents by nature understand the importance of electronic communication and online presence. EXP Realty is a cloud based Real Estate Agency that has quickly grown to one of the largest in the country. It is very innovative and forward thinking by being virtual. RE Marketing Corp is similar in a sense by being a virtual marketing agency founded in 2017. EXP Realty offers a variety of tools at the agent's disposal most notably the Make It Rain Campaign and the ability to have a website under the EXP Domain. With all of these in house tools why have 1,000s of EXP Agents utilized RE Marketing Corp?

RE Marketing Corp brings a more customized approach than many in house marketing programs. Agents receive a direct contact who is their marketing director for social media. They gain access to full time graphic designers who are able to help the creative process that is individualistic to that agent. This is not a cookie cutter approach where all agents webpages have the same layout. They are able to scratch-build custom branding for their social media that is unique to them. After all, it is a Real Estate Agents mission to stand out from the competition.

By utilizing the unique capabilities that RE Marketing Corp brings, EXP agents have enjoyed being able to advertise on Facebook and Instagram more effectively. The most recommended advice RE's social media experts give is to assure that agents are advertising and posting about their real estate activity. What this means is creating custom graphics and videos showcasing listings, under contract, recently sold, new customer reviews, etc. "Ultimately we want to show the life cycle of your transactions real time on social media. So in a perfect world we are posting the coming soon graphic, listing, under contract, recently sold, then the customers review in that order. By doing this your page shows right away that you are active and knowledgeable about the market you conduct real estate in. If you do not have any active listings, totally fine! Let's get permission and give credit to your teammates listings! The more promotions other EXP agents get the better for the brand. By cycling real estate activity mixed with trending real estate topics we then have a recipe for a successful brand!" (Andrew Miller, GM)

In conclusion RE Marketing Corp has successfully served so many EXP Agents because of the customized service. By allowing professionals to help on their behalf on social media, it frees up time for the agent to do what they do best. Rather than spending days on the computer they are able to be out there and networking which ultimately helps their career. RE Marketing Corp is offering discounted rates to any EXP agents interested in the customized social media marketing service. To learn more contact one of their agents today!

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