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    Working with RE Marketing Corp has actually given me an extra tool at my disposal for Real Estate. Honestly a lot of my new business is from social media and I am not even that big a fan of social media. Being able to use a professional team to do it for me has been actually really good. I find my contact Lucia to be responsive and actually give me some good ideas as she is more experienced with the social media side of things. I wouldn't use them if I had all the time in the world to do these things but with the market so hectic right now I am swamped. Being able to tell potential clients especially on listing presentations that I use a company for my social media believe it or not makes a difference. I have no complaints this is my 3rd year renewing with them.

Marshall Issacson, Real Estate Agent in Florida since 1979

Coldwell Banker

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  Been with them since 2017 for my social media. Obviously I like the service or that wouldn't be the case. I have them rotating my listings on a schedule I sent. For me being able to customize exactly what I want and when is a big plus. They are also proactive in filling in the gaps between what I want posted with good content. 

Sheila Bussell, Realtor

Key Realty One


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  I am a big fan of the graphics made for me and the speed in which it is done. Same day turn around most of the time on my requests. Basically have my own social media assistant at my finger tips.

Cindy S., Sales Associate

REMAX Greater NJ

5 Star-Option 3.png
5 Star-Option 3.png

   I have no problem giving my full recommendation for lead generation from my FB. If it wasn't for their consistent posting don't think I would've been able to get this thing off the ground.

Jackson Reynolds, Realtor


5 Star-Option 3.png

  REmarketing Corp a sido mi administrador de redes sociales, cuando comencé mi camino como agente de bienes raíces no tenia idea que iba a estar tan  ocupada  creado contenido que me diera mas precencia en las redes. Ahora soy parte del Grupo C5 can EXP y Remarketing me a ayudado a llegar a clientes locales como internacionales.  Aquí en el Sur de Florida tenemos proyectos de construcciones nuevas y REmarketing Corp me a ayudado a ejecutar mis ideas! Gracias por la Excelente ayuda!

Carmen Peralta, Real Estate Broker

C5 EXP Realty

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  The amount they post is perfect. Looking at my FB timeline right now and for the past month they have literally posted every other day. That is in addition to the 2 open houses and and various listings I am advertising. So at the price point not sure you can do any better then this. 

Margaret T., Sales Associate

Remax Greater Princeton

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  I am new to Real Estate but not to business. I know when people actually put care into what they're doing. RE delivers for me!

Hank Andrews, Realtor

Toronto, ON

5 Star-Option 3.png

When I started with RE Marketing wasn't 100% sure what to expect but they delivered on their promises quickly gave me some ease about allowing them to utilize my FB and IG. Got about 3 or 4 quality leads from it already.

JB Fitzgerald, Broker

Los Angeles, CA

5 Star-Option 3.png

  Giving RE Marketing 5 stars and two thumbs up for their rebrand of my Facebook and Instagram. Cross posting between the two was why I signed up. They seem to have a solid understanding of what to post on Instagram and what to only post on Facebook. Good job ladies!


Beverly Kent, Realtor

CB Santa Monica California

5 Star-Option 3.png

  I am not the type to leave reviews but when a company exceeds my expectations it deserves some good feedback. 5 stars all the way!!!!!

Chris B., Real Estate Broker

EXP Realty

5 Star-Option 3.png

  I almost don't want to let other agents know about my secret weapon in Real Estate! Most people know they should be on social media.... but they don't know how I do it! Shout out to Ron for getting me started.

John Franklin, Realtor

Coldwell Banker, Atlanta Ga

5 Star-Option 3.png

  You can actually get a hold of your account manager if you need to. I quit my contract with ******** *** because I was left on hold forever. Every time I've called in I got my rep or a human at least. Communication is so important in Real Estate so it matters if you can reach out and get a response quickly from all your vendors. 

Mike H., Owner

Vancouver, BC












5 Star-Option 3.png

  Happy to give a recommendation for you to any potential customers that I am a totally satisfied customer. :)

David Z., Real Estate Agent

Metairie, LA Century 21

5 Star-Option 3.png

  Signed up for 12 month marketing campaign last winter and re-uped again before the New Year. First of all this is all tax deductible and a nessasary expense. If you aren't putting your money in the right direction then it is a waste. Social Media has far surpassed many other methods of advertising especially now in 2021 more than ever. I would have gotten help on mine long before had I known. 5 stars for good service and good people.

Mitch Gould, Real Estate Agent

Century 21, Boca Raton 



  Easy to work with the people at RE to design my brand in the exact specification I want. They use my color scheme, my locality, etc. 

Wendy R., Realtor

Las Vegas, NV

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