Work Smarter, Not Harder.

Allow our expert staff of social media marketers to manage your business Facebook. You can focus on your expertise, selling real estate, we will handle the rest.


Our Promise

You will work with one of our expert social media marketers to devise the best strategy for your unique Facebook page. We will target your specified audience and allow you to expand your online presence. We see your marketing campaign from start to finish with weekly updates and immediate posting of new listing, sales, and more.


How does this work?

We use a 4 step process to create the perfect marketing campaign for your business.

1. Create A Unique Page to Stand Out

Most consumers do research online before making a purchase. We will make your Facebook standout with unique content that is specific to your market. Generic real estate content is not enough. It must be appropriate for where you are selling, and who you are selling to.

2. A High Quality Professional Page

Our team of graphic designers will create a custom banner for your page, much like an electronic business card. Using custom images, targeted content, and a modern style, your page will STAND OUT above the rest with professionalism.

3. Connect with Buyers & Sellers

More than 1/3 of the WORLD'S population is on Facebook. There is a reason the majority of Realtors use this medium to market their business. By using unique and targeted content, you will be marketing direct to the consumers right to their smart phone or computer. Many of our clients see an uptick in new clients from the internet right away!

4. Customer Service

Our team of professionals work daily to make your page a success. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and are adaptable to your needs. We have worked with Realtors all across the US and Canada to create a productive business Facebook page.

Choose a Plan that Works for YOU


What People Are Saying

Working with RE Marketing allowed me to focus on what I do best and leave the social media to the Pro’s! I have been impressed with the content they choose and how specific it is to where I live. I can rest assured that even while I am busy selling houses, my Facebook is well managed and people can find me online!

~Liz Williams