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RE Marketing is a Colorado corporation. RE Marketing maintains strict internal policies and takes great pride in servicing our clients. RE Marketing is reachable M-F 6AM-5pm MST via phone 720-642-9095 and reachable 24/7 via, or by contacting your dedicated account manager. We maintain an open door policy to our General Managers & executive staff via



The Fair Housing Act prohibits property owners, financial institutions and landlords from discriminating against prospective tenants or buyers on the basis of race, religion, national origin, sex, family status or disability. Discrimination under the Fair Housing Act may take many different forms. You agree to not knowingly ask us to violate the Fair Housing Discrimination Act. 


The information submitted is truthful and accurate to the best of your knowledge. You are currently licensed to practice real estate and intend to remain so while your account is active with RE Marketing. Should you become unlicensed either voluntarily or involuntarily you agree to inform RE Marketing right away. Should you decide to switch agencies during the lifetime of your account with RE Marketing you agree to inform us at least one business day prior to making the official switch so we can assure posts do not state you are with the wrong agency. You agree that if you submit a listing for us to advertise for you, we are informed who the listing agency is, or receive in writing from you that they have agreed to not be mentioned in the advertising. You agree to not knowingly ask to violate any national or state real estate laws. Further, you agree to not ask us to violate any Facebook policies. Facebook policies vary and may be subject to change. You can view a complete list of Facebook policies at RE Marketing is non-discriminatory towards religion, gender, race, and may cancel your service should you ask us to post anything that directly violates law by discriminating. 


RE Marketing does not share your information, data, contact info, or any information transmitted to us from you in anyway ever. We do not share your data with companies or individuals in the US or anywhere in the world. RE Marketing goes to great lengths to protect your data using the most secure servers hosted by Google. Without your permission we will not disclose that you are a client of RE Marketing. Your name, page, or any identifying information will never be used in our advertising, marketing, or sales efforts. Payment information is processed securely through the encrypted servers of PayPal Business Terminal. RE Marketing carefully chooses vendors and you can view their privacy policies here. Google , Facebook , & Paypal.

By accessing or using any part of this website or the services provided on it or other websites as set forth below (collectively, the "Services"), you agree to accept and comply with the terms, conditions, and notices stated herein and as may be modified by RE Marketing from time-to-time without notice to you (the "Terms of Use"). These Terms of Use constitute a binding contract between RE Marketing and you. You are responsible for regularly reviewing the Terms of Use. You can review the most current version of the Terms of Use at any time. If you do not wish to be bound by these Terms of Use, please do not access or use any part of the website or network. In the event that any provision, term or guideline contained on a particular website or web page in the RE Marketing Corp conflicts with the Terms of Use, the terms of such website or web page shall control over the Terms of Use except with respect to the General Terms set forth below, which shall at all times control.


The decree confirms the earlier agreement between you and a RE Marketing Social Media Expert to subscribe to our service. Unless explicitly contradicted by the order confirmation, the registered agreement described above will remain in full force and effect. RE Marketing will never increase our pricing without your explicit consent  All agreements from month to month begin on the date you agree to subscribe to RE Marketing. RE Marketing on the first day of the subscription, and you will continue to be billed automatically by direct deduction from the monthly anniversary of each month under the description RE Marketing Corp for month to month service. For any questions in regards to this please contact


It is your responsibility to update RE Marketing with all and any changes to your personal information, including but not limited to: your personal and professional contact information, your website address subscribed, and your payment information. If your payment fails for any reason, your marketing can stay online for up to 30 days and we will contact you to collect payment information. This in no way negates your obligation to pay all amounts due to RE Marketing. If your account is not brought current within 30 days, we can in some cases of purposeful non-payment to obtain service, turn over your account to a collection agency. All cancellations must be requested in writing by emailing  at least five (5) days before the monthly anniversary date. If the cancellation is not given within that period, RE Marketing may not be able prevent an automatic charge on the account. Should a dispute arise agree to follow laws and procedures to contact us first for resolution. All fees established up front or monthly are not refundable. If purchased with multiple months upfront, the account switches to month to month after the initial term has expired. For more information contact

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