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  • Andrew Miller

Hispanic and Latino Realtors Finally Have a Digital Marketing Agency They Can Count On!

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

RE Marketing Corp is one of the sole bilingual digital marketing agencies for Real Estate Agents

According to the NAR Hispanic, Latino, Mexican, and Puerto Rican members make up the second largest ethnic group of Realtors.

RE Marketing Corp's Bilingual Graphic Designers & Social Media Experts are fluent in both English and Spanish. We have created some of the most successful ad campaigns online for our bilingual agents. We utilize cutting edge design with local and targeted content to create the online presence that is accessible to Spanish speaking buyers and sellers.

"Hispanic and Latino members had the greatest share that work exclusively in residential real estate at 71 percent. Twenty-seven percent work in both residential and commercial real estate, while only two percent work solely in commercial." NAR

"As its Spanish-speaking membership continues to rise at a historic pace, the group’s NAR en Español initiative has since 2018 helped local and global members leverage their Realtor® affiliation while facilitating various networking and educational resources for Spanish-speaking Realtors®. Most recently, a component of NAR’s “Right Tools, Right Now” program has focused on ensuring local and global Spanish-speaking Realtors® and bilateral partners are aware of and have access to the resources NAR provided its members in response to the COVID-19 pandemic." NAR

“The most important content on your page is going to be your Real Estate Activity. We want to create digital imagery for every open house, listing, sold, etc. This needs to be done in a way that targets your market. If that means doing it in both Spanish and English... that is what we do!” - (Jorge Mora, Bilingual Marketing Director).




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